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Devil Rays

An amorous male Devil ray carresses a pregnant female about to give birth A pregnant female Devil ray pursued by 5 males as they await the birth

Mako shark satellite tagging in NZ

Mako sharks frequent our New Zealand waters over the summer months so were thought to only be seasonal visitors from the pacific returning there as the water here cooled. A small team of dedicated researchers from the Tindale Marine Research Charitable Trust in collaboration with NIWA and Nova Southeastern university undertook to find out more [...]

Museum Fish Collections

Natural history museums (e.g. Te Papa, Auckland Museum, Canterbury Museum, Otago Museum, NIWA’s marine invertebrate collection) generally collect and preserve specimens of plants and animals to provide a physical record of life on earth.

Great White Shark Sightings

This project aims to build and share information on the distribution, habitat use and movements of great white sharks (white pointers, white sharks, mango taniwha, mango tuatini, ururoa) in New Zealand waters.
Note: Photo of shark specimen at the Auckland Museum

Fish ID Guide

This guide to identification of New Zealand fishes is intended for field use by non-specialists − fishers, fisheries observers, and others. Technical terms are kept to a minimum, and identification features are mostly those that can be readily observed on freshly caught specimens without dissection or microscopic examination.

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