Order Tagging Gear

Order Tagging Gear

  • Price: $ 40.00 Quantity:
    Kit Includes:
    1. Free registration
    2. Tag applicator needle with wooden handle
    3. Ten serial numbered TMRCT fish tags in a handy dispenser
    4. Tagged fish recording sheet
    5. Tagging instructions & code of practice
    6. Carry bag with zip
    7. Membership card, stickers and spare registration forms
    (note postage is per kit)
  • Order additional parts and accessories:

  • Price: $ 25.00 Quantity:
    New Zealand Fish ID poster with common and scientific names. Includes packaging inside a cardboard poster tube. additional posters at $10 each can be added to this tube (maximum of 10 per tube)
  • Price: $ 10.00 Quantity:
    Used to make a pilot hole in tough skinned sharks to prevent slicing off the tag barb in the applicator
  • Price: $ 20.00 Quantity:
    For use with TMRCT dart tags. (excludes postage)
  • Price: $ 1.65 Quantity:
    Available in cartridge's of 10 in a zip lock bag for easy handling. Each tag is individually serial numbered with TMRCT contact details. Includes catch recording sheets
  • Price: $ 82.50 Quantity:
    Cartridge is divided into blocks of 10 tags for easy handling in a zip lock bag. Includes printed catch recording sheets
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