Mako shark satellite tagging in NZ

Mako sharks frequent our New Zealand waters over the summer months so were thought to only be seasonal visitors from the pacific returning there as the water here cooled.

A small team of dedicated researchers from the Tindale Marine Research Charitable Trust in collaboration with NIWA and Nova Southeastern university undertook to find out more about these amazing sharks. The teams mission was to catch and attach electronic tags to an assortment of Mako sharks from both coasts and then follow their movements as they continued on their journeys. The findings were ground breaking. no-one could have guessed that these fish spent up to 95% of their time in New Zealand waters and only venturing outside the EEZ for short periods….

Mako sharks are common in New Zealand coastal waters over the summer months. It was always assumed that they headed north into the pacific as the water temperatures cooled over winter but this recent study has found they remain local for most of the year with just a short vacation into the tropics

A short video of up to 15 Mako sharks below the waves in the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland New Zealand by Scott & Sue Tindale

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