Great White Shark Sightings

Note: Photo of shark specimen at the Auckland Museum

This project aims to build and share information on the distribution, habitat use and movements of great white sharks (white pointers, white sharks, mango taniwha, mango tuatini, ururoa) in New Zealand waters.

Each observation should ideally be a series of photographs of an individual shark accompanied by the date and location that the observation was made at.

Photographs are necessary to confirm the species identification and can be used for individual photo-identification. Every great white shark can be recognised from its colour pattern. The best images for this purpose are a series showing the markings on left and right sides of the body. Areas of the body most useful for individual identification are the side of the head, pelvic fins and lower lobe of the tail. Many individuals can also be identified from the pattern of notches in their first dorsal fin. Head-on shots while dramatic and useful for species identification are of little use for individual identification

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